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Be Clear About WHY you are buying

There are many reasons why people select a particular property to purchase, including: a. Location b. Price c. Love of the Building d. An intention to further develop e. Proximity to friends and relatives Etc. What if you purchased a property with a particular intention … Continue reading


Get the Right Advice

“GET THE RIGHT ADVICE” Most people don’t enter into the process of buying a home very often. When they do decide to buy, they probably have little idea of all the ins and outs of the entire process. It’s hard … Continue reading


Where do I start

Conveyancing is the legal process of buying and selling property. There are lots of issues other than the legal ones for first home buyers, such as: –          securing the right loan (you need a mortgage broker) –          establishing your budget … Continue reading

First Home Buyers


Hi I am Ken Bourke, proprietor of All About Conveyancing and welcome to our Conveyancing blog. It deals with NSW Property Law and processes only. What you read here may not apply in any other state of Australia. We will be … Continue reading

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