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What is Land Tax in NSW?

Land Tax is a tax levied on owners of land in NSW as at midnight on 31 December each year. Each owner is assessed based on the sum of unimproved values for all land held by that person at that … Continue reading

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Electronic Conveyancing gains momentum

Electronic Conveyancing is here. For some time, electronic conveyancing has been talked about as coming but life went on without it. Up until now, buying and selling property started online with lots of online tools for searching records, downloading documents, … Continue reading

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Swimming Pool Requirements – what you need to know

If you are selling a property in NSW with a swimming pool (or a spa pool), there are now certain requirements that need to be met: The swimming pool (or spa pool) must be registered on the NSW Swimming Pools … Continue reading

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Confused about benefits available to Home Buyers?

What exactly is available right now to home buyers in the way of grants and other benefits? The current position with grants and benefits can seem confusing because it has changed many times over the past few years. Currently as … Continue reading

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New Conveyancing Rules for Verification of Identity (VOI)

A prudent conveyancer would have always taken reasonable steps to verify the identity of the client and the client’s authority to deal in a transaction. New Conveyancing Rules have now been introduced by the NSW Government’s Land and Property Information … Continue reading

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Agents Disclosure Requirement regarding Property Inspection Reports

Starting 15 August 2016, Real Estate Agents have disclosure requirements related to pre-purchase property inspection reports. The concept is for these requirements to make it easier, and potentially cheaper, for a prospective home buyer to obtain pre-purchase building and pest … Continue reading

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Swimming Pools

What you need to do if you own a Pool: Register it. This is now compulsory. Your pool can be registered online at If your pool is not registered, you will be liable for a $220 penalty. From 29 … Continue reading

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Pre-Settlement Inspections

The Importance of that Final Inspection: You are entitled to a final inspection of the property you are buying before you take possession of it. By this we mean that the Vendor cannot refuse you a final inspection within the … Continue reading

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The Neighborhood

You should ensure that the neighborhood that you are buying into meets your expectations. Do your homework. Is the location suitable in terms of proximity to schools, parks, transport, medical facilities? You can find out these things through the council’s … Continue reading

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Let the Buyer Beware

“CAVEAT EMPTOR” You’ve probably heard this term before but what does it mean to you. Well, it is latin for “Let the buyer beware”. This is a doctrine applying to property whereby the buyer cannot recover from the seller for … Continue reading

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